To understand the forest we must know about the history of the forest; what forces have shaped
it; and the interactions between man, forest and nature. The Massachusetts forest provides
us with clean air, clean water, wildlife, food, wood products and a variety of recreational opportunities. In order to obtain these benefits we must understand what factors influence the forest as well as the impacts of man's activities. Silviculture is the management of the forest to produce a desired benefit. The Forest section of the Envirothon Guide covers a variety of forestry issues including (but not limited to): forest history, forests today, forest ecology, fires, the urban forests, management options, tree & shrub identification and forestry techniques.


Peterson Field Guide: Trees and Shrubs

A Woodland Management Guide for Massachusetts
Middlesex Conservation District 1986

The Forest Stewardship Source Book
The Massachusetts Forestry Association and the Massachusetts Stewardship Program 1996

Reading the Forested Landscape: A Natural History of New England
Written by Tom Wessels

Stepping Back to Look Forward: A History of Massachusetts Forests
Written by Charles H. W. Forster, Editor

Fruit Key & Twig Key to Trees and Shrubs
Written by William M. Harlow

Winter Botany: An Identification Guide to Native Trees and Shrubs
Written by William Trelease


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Forests- Envirothon challenge
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