What to expect at the MA Envirothon Event!

Finally, after months of preparation (right? not days?!?), the big day arrives. Here's what you might encounter when you get to Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park on May 17th.

Meet at school crazy early, travel to Uxbridge. You and your team arrive in/on the ____________ (fill in the blank: bus, car(s), van, bikes etc).

Head right to the registration tent, get your nametags and choose a number from the hat. This determines how you will rotate through the stations and when you will do your presentation. Leave your presentation board in the correct box for your tent. Get your team picture taken and line up for some essential coffee and morning snacks.

  Everyone gathers in the big tent to hear a VERY BRIEF welcome. Leave your cell phone with your coach. Exchange last minute cheers. You and your team join up with 8 other teams to head to your first station.
  After quick instructions from the station leader, the horn blows, tests are distributed and off you go!
  Team work! Team work! There are a lot of questions to answer- how will you split them up?


  One station is the Current Issue Presentation. Get your materials from the box, find your coach and get set up. A Presentation Host will introduce you to the judges in the tent and help you with timing. for more pointers, check out the documents online.


  Phew! Last horn blows! Head back to the big tent for lunch to celebrate a great day with your team. Don't forget to grab your presentation materials.







  After you've eaten, do a roundtable or check out other teams tables. There are about 200 fellow environmentalists here- go meet other students- and talk to the judges about what they do in their jobs.


  Whole group picture!


  Awards ceremony

  What a day. Thanks for working so hard to compete and share your knowledge about your local environment with the Mass Envirothon community.















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